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Zed Pak Industries

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 Our expert staffs carefully monitor cost and control maintaining the traditional skills as well as utilizing modern technology. This enables shipping in sky to ensure the quality of its production and reputation for services. Which is world renewed, although every effort made to cater the majority of size, when manufacturing our stock items we would welcome any notification of special requirements when ordering.

We believe in close and trust able relations with customer to serve the efficiently. Consistent grow overtime exhibits confidence of buyers on us. We are specialized in training all leather products with new designs and specifications. Which follow all safety standards to provide safety to workers.


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Zed Pak Industries

Zed Pak Industries a privately owned company has been in business since 2003 and operates as a manufacturing partner for suppliers importing personal protective gear.
We protect people. Zed Pak is one manufacturer with one mission: “Protecting People”
The wide range of our product line, top quality, reasonable prices, timely delivery, and excellent customer services have made us one of the reliable companies of its kind in Pakistan. Located in Sialkot Pakistan, we have the full capacity to offer you custom build equipment and clothing with your company logo on your desired products. We use A-grade materials/fabrics for the production of each product so there are no quality issues when you work with us.
We’re our own best customers, and we’re experts in our products — ask us anything.
Skilled Labor
We hired a very skilled line of workers, Those exactly aware the latest technology variables and doing their jobs bearing in mind top rated customary levels. It allows them to take up the right spot for needed workout. We incessantly educate them & illustrate by physical snaps & verbal theory to realize new era tools.

Authorization Membership
Cleaner Production Center Sialkot-Pakistan (CPC)
Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)
Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association (PHMA)
Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers & Exporters (PGMEA)

Email: info@zedpak.com

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